Hello everyone, i hope you're doing fine, and that you guys liked my previous article. I will talk now about the Bags, Shoes, Accessories and Jewelry.

The following fashion trends is all based on my personal opinion and from what i see more wearable on this summer.


Straw is pretty much it, with all sizes and shapes, there's also basket straw.

fashion image pink, rose gold, and luxury image fashion, bag, and girl image theme image fashion, bag, and style image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, bag, and YSL image fashion image Image by sündos


. Espadrilles

whether they were wedges, flats or sandals and they're all very comfy.

fashion, summer, and gold rings image Image by sündos shoes, fashion, and style image

. Faux fur

shoes, fashion, and gucci image
Gucci horsebit-detailed shearling-lined leather slippers. shearling fur
shoes and vogue image
shearling fur espadrille slides.

. Pearls feature

Pearls are luxurious and look very classy adding them to shoes made them more chic!!

fashion, jeans, and style image

These Miu Miu pearl embellished satin slides stand out, the sophisticated pearl design is just fabulous.

Image by sündos
Miu Miu satin pearl slides
chanel, shoes, and bag image
Chanel CC Pearl Espadrilles

Last and not least

.Kitten heels

dior, fashion, and shoes image
Dior Kitten heels
fashion, shoes, and bag image
Dior Kitten heels


For this summer i see that sunglasses have a new geometric shapes and silhouette.

White frame

fashion and girl image fashion, model, and summer image friends, drink, and girl image vintage image fashion image

Crystal embellished

fashion, girl, and style image Image by sündos

Rayban Vintage glasses

fashion, dress, and style image girl, style, and summer image fashion image fashion, girl, and vogue image

Other Oversized frame shapes

Image by sündos
girl, summer, and swimwear image summer, pool, and sunglasses image girl, ice cream, and summer image fashion, sunglasses, and chloe image


Gold Coin Necklace

fashion, style, and girl image Image by sündos

Star Moon & Sun Gold necklace and earring

necklace, stars, and style image Image by sündos jewelry, accessories, and earrings image earrings, accessories, and style image

Face Earrings

accessories, earrings, and gold image accessories, earrings, and gold image aesthetic and black image

Im hoping you'll like my article, I know that summer is already ending but i had to write part2.

Im ending this article with this Fashion Quote

"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping"
— Bo Derek