I'm going back to school tomorrow and it'll be the first day of my new me. I'm going to the gym before 9 and I'm gonna rock this body. I'm going to rock the end of my 16th year and my 17th. I'm going to work for what I wanna see when I'll open my window. I'm going to have so much fun. I'm going to enjoy the present, what I love the most, the people I truly care about. (Clém, Marie, Arthur, Elliot, Antoine, Léo, Mathilde, Claire, Anthonin, Flore, my family) Last year I fell in love guys, I was with this boy for 9 months, he was my bestie for 5 years. And we broke up 3 months ago, I would lie to you I said I don't think about him anymore, but there's nothing to expect anymore it's over, he changed, he loves someone else, it's okay to get disappointed. I deserve better than what he had to offer on the last moments we had. But I grew up from that relationship. I won't go out with anyone for some time, because I'm kinda scared to be hurt aha and to miss things. (tbh I miss hugs and sweet looks, but not his lol) But I wanna meet new people, new friends, I wanna rock my exams and fucking get them. I'm going to baby. I believe in me and tbh that's a whole new thing for me. See ya in march to do the check point of my goals. (hope they will be achieved!!)
Caroline 20h18 France