these are my celebrity crushes and a lil reasoning for why i love them and their faces. xoxo



kpop bts jin cat
– this amazingly cute boi is a part of bts and honestly,,, just look at his face. how can u not fall in love! he might change his hair colour a lot, but he suits every colour.

orion carloto

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb orion
– she is so lovely. i really enjoy looking at her face ;_; an amazing representive for the lgbqt+ community and her poems are so amaziiing.

matthew healy

the 1975 alternative matty Flagged For Review This image was flagged for review. Thanks for your patience while we confirm the image is safe for our community!
– i saw this beautiful man in june 2017 and i cried. he supports imporTAN T causes and is not afraid to stand up for things he believes in.

winona ryder

90s Flagged For Review This image was flagged for review. Thanks for your patience while we confirm the image is safe for our community! 80s Superthumb
– a #woman. i saw her face for the first time in (my favorite movie) girl, interrupted. she is an amazing actress and i love her.

charlie heaton

boy stranger things Superthumb Superthumb
– truly believe charlie puts every emotion he has in his body in his acting. i love how he plays jonatha in stranger things, aMazing ;^_^;

emilia clark

emilia clarke beauty Superthumb car
– HOW CAN A PERSON BE A LIL BEAN IN ONE MOVIE AND BE A COLDHEARTED BIH IN ANOTHER? i present to you; emilia clark. a beautiful and underappreciated actress.

jacob whitesides

Superthumb jacob jacob Superthumb
– an underappreciated, lovely human being. his music is different and out of this world. one of the hottest guys out there, don't @ me.

lana del rey

lana grunge indie grunge
– don't be suprised if you see me at front row at one of her concerts, crying my heart out! i truly believe i'm queer because of this woman uwu


aesthetic halsey halsey halsey
– a fashion icon and incredible singer. she might have made some mistakes, but i'll not stop supporting her. she is gorgEOUS.

jensen ackles

dean winchester dean dean winchester actor
– i will set myself on fire for this man if i have to. he is always so supportive towards fans and people in general. his you're not alone campaign with misha collins is so important to me and a lot of other people.

samira wiley

orange is the new black pretty orange is the new black smile
– i completley fell in love with her character, poussey, in oitnb. she is a funny and strong woman who i absolutley, 100% support with all my heart.

jared padalecki

jared padalecki jared padalecki jared padalecki jared padalecki
– THIS IS A MAN WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH. god bless him, he has nothing bad in his heart and he is lovely to look at ;*

natasha lyonne

natasha lyonne natasha lyonne Superthumb natasha
– i love her, i can't describe it. she is an extraordinary actress with an amazing type of humour. i hope to see her in big movies one day.

and some honorable mentions of my celebrity crushes are;
felix kjellberg, kesha, ross lync, zendaya, julien solomita, jamie campbell bower, cameron boyce and probably more!