Hey im going to tell you which are my favourite books, so i can inspire you to read or see if we share the same taste in books :)

Image by Anita
The handmaid´s tale. This book is a dystopia where women are bound to become concubines and other really weird stuff. Is very sad and in some moments gave me anxiety. But is a really good book, i promise. There is a tv show too.
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-All the bright places. This book is awesome, i swear. It seems like a simple teenager book but is more than that. You will love the characters and you will laugh and cry with them. I cant tell you much more but its not just a love story.
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-Wuthering heights. This is a classic. Is dark and a little creepy, not in a paranormal way. Many people hate the main characters, there are a little selfish and toxic. But is a really good book, is a `familiar drama´ and its not hard at all.
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-Pet sematary. Yessss this is a Stephen King book, my favourite writer ever. If you want to start with S.K, start with this book, you will love all the characters, you will identify with them and you will stay anxious to see what happens next. The end is so epic.