1 || Background

The background of your selfie can ruin it or make it better. The most selfies with a messy background are not really attractive, right? So choose a quiet background or take a photo in a nice place, for example, go outside.

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2 || Natural light

Natural light is always better than artificial light. Most of the time your selfie has a better quality. TIP: Make your selfie outside or near a window.

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3 || Make-up

Burden of a pimple Want fuller lips? Larger eyes? Makeup is your best friend! But don't use to much, that can be a huge turnaround. Just a nice color on your lips or around your eyes and it gives your selfie a nice look.

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4 || Mirror selfie

A mirrorselfie is not only a great way to show your outfit or to show your new mirror. This selfie focuses not only on your face, but also on a part of your body, which also creates some variation in your feed.

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5 || You are perfect in your own way!

Last but not least, be happy with who you are. You don't have to look 'perfect'. Nobody is perfect. You're beautiful in your own way. Don't worry about what others think of your appearance, the only opinion that counts is yours.

Hopefully you will find this a nice blog. It was my first one so I can learn a lot more. It would be nice if you send tips to me.

Lots of love, Julia