You try to convince others about what i supposedly did or said... can you deny that's a reflection of your own doings?

I try to move on, new year, new life. Stop it. Stop it right now.

So, you talked behind my back for years now.. while you had the face to call me your best friend. Oh please what a pity... what a mistake i made by trusting you... by trusting the face you showed to me was your only one... or at least the real one.

I felt sorry for all the years we spent together and guilty because i was letting them drown... but you know what? I'm not sorry anymore. Who do you think you are? Those fake years being your best friend while you talked about me like a was some kind of enemy for you WHAT THE F*CK.

I don't really care if what they say it's true or not... i choose to believe them and i think that's because i truly think you are capable of that. You are capable. You can go ahead and talk dirty of your "best friend" because why not? I mean, "she won't even notice", right? You chose to do that instead of facing me. What a terrible lier you are. The worst part: i believed you.

I'm done. I'm truly f*cking done with you and all your bullsh*t. Don't try to reach me again. I know you really won't. At this moment i don't even know if you would think about it.

What a stupid girl i am. So naive, i believed everything you said. Such beautiful and empty words. Right now they don't mean sh*t.

Don't talk to me. Just leave me and the memories, leave it. Leave me, let me go. I really want to let you go.

Go ahead with your life but please, just please, stop lying. Do me one favor, stop lying to me and to everyone about me. Stop playing around, stop pretending you are the angel here. You are not. I'm not either. We are f*cking humans.