There is something about reading a book that can never be matched. That feeling when you can’t put a book down or when you haven’t read for ages and then you do and you feel like the book is the oxygen you’ve needed all this time to breathe. TV can entertain you but is no match for a book. Your imagination needs to be exercised for you to live a life of creation and beauty and only books can do that. All you are given are words on a page: it’s up to you to create the images in your head. When you find a book that you fall in love with it’s amazing. You can read it over and over again and every time you find something new in it you never saw before. Over time the corners crease and the pages fade and each bruise is a marker of another thumb through. The most damaged books as the ones most loved. There is a great comfort in reading a book again- you can pick up anywhere and know and love the words in front of you. Books are forever.

Read, dream, and fill you wandering mind with imagination.

Love, Ella xx

p.s cover creds to the BBC