Have you ever been.. betrayed?
Yes you have, we all have at some point.
Is it because that's how life works? Is it really karma?


Is it just because you've met the wrong person and you've let them in your life?

It doesn't really matter why it happened actually. What matters is that it did happen. And unfortunately you have to live with it, maybe for the rest of your life. But that IS your choice.

We humans tend to seek revenge from the person that did hurt us. From the person that betrayed us.

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It doesn't feel good, does it?

They say "Expect the unexpected." and. THAT. YOU. NEED. TO. DO. So that you can be prepared when it actually happens.

Now..what do you do when the time comes?

Don't hate. Simply forgive. Then forget.

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Do not. I repeat. DO NOT HATE SOMEONE. When you are angry because you trusted them and they betrayed you, often, you automatically hate them. And it is not going to help, really.

(Psychology fact: Anger is a natural defense against pain. When someone says "I hate you" they mean "You hurt me")

When you are starting to hate, you are letting them hurt you. Don't let anyone hurt you. You were in your mother's womb for 9 months. 9 freaking months. Are you going to let others break you in just 15 seconds? No.
I am NOT saying that it is easy, I know it is not. I am saying it is worth trying. Trying really, badly, hard.

Make peace with it. Deal with it. You can not prevent it from happening. (unless you are some kind of God or Goddess and you know that it is going to happen)

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, 'cause hate in your heart will consume you too. -Will Smith

Move on.

Just because it happened does not mean it is going to happen again.
Meet and trust new people. Make good memories with them. Take the advantage that is given to you and be happy again.
Don't let a bad day ruin your whole life.
There are so many things out there waiting for you.

So just forgive and forget the person that hurt you. And live your life by being happy with the things that make you happy.

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Continue trusting people, even if that means they will betray you again. If they do, forgive and forget. Then move on.

But I guarantee you, some day you will find that one true person that will do everything in their power to worth your trust.
Because in their eyes you deserve the best.

With love, Irene.