Trying to find good Wattpad covers is almost impossible, especially trying to make the image match the story, so here's a list of what I would use.

Websites / apps

  • Canva (Editing)
  • Pixlr (Editing)
  • Cut, Photo, Paste (Editing)
  • Tumblr (Images)
  • Instagram (Images)
  • Pinterest (Images)

Images I think would work for certain storys

anime, art, and pokemon image
Perfect for a Pokemon story
girly, lips, and lipstick image
There's multiple stories I would use this for, mostly because the cover would be AMAZING!
bedroom, room, and white image
This one could work for a Short Story, at least that's what I think

The next images are boyXboy, so if you don't like that I'd recommend you just scroll past them. The images are fan art for In A Heartbeat for those of you wondering.

boy, gay, and lgbt image
art, boys, and jonathan image
art, boys, and jonathan image

If you're still having trouble after using those apps/websites, I can help make you a cover if you follow these two simple steps...

  • Follow me
  • Private message me with your ideas for the cover, and I'll try my best on making it and hope you'll like it.

If any images you find are to small, I request you use Lunapic or Canva to make the images fit.