1. Read A Book, You Actually Enjoy Reading

Use the summer time to read something you really like.
Soon enough, someone will force you to read school literature again.

2. Play A Game Of Laser Tag

This is the kind of activity you always talk to your friends about, but never get the chance doing it.

3. Learn Skateboarding

If you never learned it, try to learn it. It'll be fun!

4. Write A Poem

It could be about your life, your emotions or simply about anything you feel inspired by. No pressure, they are just words.

5. City Break

If you're not able to visit a city in a foreign country, what about one in a different state? There are so many beautiful places close to you.

6. Watch Disney Movies

Everybody loves Disney, so why would you say no to binge watching your favorite Disney movies with your best friends?!

7. SPA-Day

Grab your friends, google some beauty secrets, try out the new nailpolish you always thought was 'too much' for school and enjoy yourselves.

8. Photoshoot

Look out for a cool shooting spot, take some fancy ass pictures and post them on your Instagram. #summergoals

9. Party Time

Either go to a lit party or throw one yourself. Believe me, you will never forget the best party you went to, this summer!

10. "Chef de cuisine"

What about cooking a fancy dinner for your family or your friends? It will be a lot of fun, to try out new food you never tasted before.

11. Decorate Your Room

It doesn't need a 10.000$ transformation for your room to look a little bit cuter, than before. Buy the new throw pillow you saw at Target or a faux plant to spice up your personal space.

12. Watch The Sunset/Sunrise

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this huge shining ball, that fills our world with light.

13. Rock It!

Pick one item of clothing you always liked, but thought you could never wear. Try it on, fall in love with an buy it! Because you rock everything you feel great in!

14. Roadtrippin'

You always talk about it, but never end up doing it! Now is the time! Grab a map, take a look what is nearby (or far away if you have the time) and go for it!

15. Summer Playlist

You should definitly honor your summer, by making the perfect playlist to remember all the things you did.

Make this summer YOUR summer!

Have fun and enjoy yourself!