Sup guys!,
Today topc is something I really am close too and I support, the Femist Movement aka the ultimate GRL PWR and GUY PWR as well. When some people hear the word femist they think femnazi which is completly incorrect, a femist is someone who belives in equal rights between men and women and LGBT or any other religion, race, sex or color a person could ever be. I'll be frank with you in today's world it is so hard to be taken seriously, one example an everday one in fact, is my gym teacher who told me and my felllow classmates that "You can't play against the guys because, they're stronger than you and will win" a middle school P.E teacher guys. Already girls are being told at the age of 2 "isn't she to young to be wearing that kind of thing" but, isn't she to young for you to sexualizing her body? Isn't a girl who's hot and wearing a tank top still a girl who came to school to learn, sending her home is saying "we value his education more than her's? I thought so. So in conclusion, a femist is someone who cares, someone who belives, Who doesn't want to "steal" his power just take what she's intitled to,

(P.S I know I didn't talk as much about LGBT or Racism or any of that in this article but, this will be something I will adress in the future) (also please ignore any spelling or grammer errors.)

Love you mia bellas,