Hiii guys,
I am going to start writing my second article very soon. Sorry for the delay I really love to procrastinate I can't help it. But before that I wanted you guys to really get to know me and I sat and thought "Hmmmm what can I tell about myself? Where should I start?" and I had the most brilliant idea ever...MY NAME. Im not going to be giving my real name because I have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds (shout out to everyone who is a hardcore Dr. Reid fan because honey I would let him talk dirty to me with all his encyclopedic fancy words.) and I am freaked out by stalkers and I know that I don't have an interesting life at all not even for a stalker but there isn't enough precautions you can take. So... I decided to tell you the first name that my parents thought of but than changed their minds; its BEA. I know its a weird one but apparently it comes from Beatrice and I really like it. I would love my name to be Bea because its international and easy to pronounce + its short. You guys have no idea how much I suffer from my name and surname. In Turkey I suffer because I have a jewish surname and its is different and hard for people to understand and grasp when I say it to them and around the world it is hard for people to understand my name because it is turkish and hard af to pronounce so where ever I go the nightmare of name and surname follows me but I got used to it and Im chill about it idc anymore.
So guys, you are welcome to call me Bea, I still don't know every function of WHI but if there is a message board or something you are welcome to hit me up and we can chat.
Peace out, Bea

(P.S. if you didn't get it from the title Im also a hardcore Beyonce fan so I will love everyone who loves the queen b but I also won't be afraid to fight anyone who doesn't like her because bitch... WHO CAN HATE BEYONCE?! ITS BEYONCE FOR FUCKS SAKE.
Okay... jokes aside everyone can have their one opinions and faves or whatever and I will respect all of them UNLESS they disrespect someone elses existence in that case I will really fight you, come at me bro.)