1.There’s a sunrise....

dawn, eclipse, and grunge image

2....and sunset

Image by ArtisticApple

4....but at different times...

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5.everywhere in the world

6.Baby animals are born

cat, kitten, and animal image

7...as well as baby humans

baby, one, and day image

8.Flowers are blooming...

flowers, nature, and sky image

9....and some are being offered as gifts

flowers, pink, and roses image

10.Hundreds of people tied the knot today...

love, wedding, and couple image

11....and finally had the wedding of their dreams

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12.Thousands of tattoos were drawn...

back, splatter, and tattoo image

13....some of them were matching

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14.Someone may have just started their first day at their dream job...

airplane, airport, and aviation image

15....or finally gone on vacation after a long time working hard

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16.A child may have gone to Disneyland for the first time...

disney, disneyland, and castle image

17....and he wasn’t the only excited member of the family

baby, love, and dad image

18.A puppy may have finally been adopted...

beautiful, cuddle, and grunge image

19....or a kitten...

cat, cute, and animal image

20....or a bunny...

rabbit, wallpapers, and aninals image

21.A little girl may have discovered fashion today

cute, kids, and baby image

22....or a little boy

adidas, adorable, and blue eyes image

23.Books have been written and published

gold books image

24.Love was celebrated...
25....be it platonic...

friends, sea, and heart image

26....or romantic

flowers, rose, and colorful image

27.Somebody may have seen the sea for the first time in their life today

beach, sea, and summer image

28....or for the hundredth

29.Art was created

flowers, art, and drawing image

30.Somebody flew on a plane for the first time in their life...

Image by ale_25888

31....and it was beautiful
32.Funny cat videos were recorded and uploaded on YouTube

cat image

33.Somebody may have finally managed to apply eyeliner right on the first try

makeup, eyes, and eyebrows image

34....and avoided being late for work (or school)

35.Thousands of food pictures have been uploaded to the Internet

clothes, Hot, and workout image

36.Somebody may have tried coffee for the first time...

coffee, drink, and food image

37....and liked it...
38....or decided to stick with tea.

39.Somebody is staring at the night sky right now

scenery image

40....and wishing upon falling stars

41.Northern lights appeared in the sky

sky, nature, and purple image

42....and somebody fulfilled their dream of finally seeing them in real life

43.A family may have set foot into their dream home today

Image by Aya

44.Somebody may have been declared cancer free...

love, couple, and hospital image

45....depression free...

city, newyork, and smile image

46....or free of any other illness!

47.Compliments were given...
48....and taken

49.An old person may have finally learned how to use the Internet...
50....even though they’re a bit confused

51.A soldier may have come back from Afghanistan alive and well today...

army, baby, and dad image love, mom, and mother image

52....and surprised their family with their arrival

53.Doctors saved countless lives

superhero and saving lives image

54.Pizza delivery workers received lots of smiles

pizza, funny, and lol image

55.There were so many birthdays today!

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56.And just as much cake!

cupcake, food, and birthday image

57.Even for pets!

58.There are young children about to start their very first day of school...

funny and photo image

59....and young adults about to finish their last

art image

60.Somebody finally had money to buy something they’d been dreaming of...
61....for themselves...
62....or for somebody else

63.A child got kisses and hugs from their mom...

love, baby, and family image

64....and dad

65.Somebody succeeded in something today...
66....even though nobody believed they would

67.Somebody may have got their very first kiss today

love, kiss, and couple image

68....or woken up next to the love of their life for the first time

bed, couple, and hug image

69.A couple may have renewed their vows today
70....or celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

71.Thousands of jokes were told...
72....some were funny...
73....others were not...
74....but somebody still laughed..

friends, girl, and best friends image

75....for the first time in months

76.Families reunited today...

77....friends came together after years of being apart...

78....and somebody may have met their favourite middle school teacher on the way to the grocery store

79.A child said their first word today

80.Somebody may have discovered their favourite artist today...

81....and hung posters of them all over the walls

82.Children jumped on beds although they’re not allowed...

love, couple, and boy image

83....and they weren’t the only ones

84.And last but not least...you, who are reading this, are alive and hopefully well...

85....and the world wouldn’t be the same without you <3

smile, cat, and funny image