I know there's no such think and a perfect person but there is someone perfect for me or you. But I just want to tell you what a perfect guy to me is.

He's cute. Not just in looks but his smile, his thoughts, his opinions, his mind what he likes to think about. He'll act childish and I don't mean act like a little kid I mean playful, he doesn't have to be serious all the time only when it is necessary. the cute things he'll say just imagine you dressing nice and he compliments you on your outfit or just you in general. I want something like that and I knw it's too much to ask but its worth it. I hope you like reading books and talk about how much they mean to you I mean, common when someone talks about something they love with passion is literally the cutest thing ever.

He's kind and caring. I want a guy that whenever I'm feeling down he's there to make me laugh. or when I am crying that he'll be there to hug me or just willing to cheer me up. I want him to be an advocate to me. I want a guy that will text you those "just making sure" texts like all of that even if you think you're bothering me well shit, bother me I want to be able to get your attention and if that's also too much to ask then sorry but I am willing to love you more than love itself.

He's fun and freaky. Now I know this is a weird topic for you but I swear some of us don't think its bad to have a freaky guy. I want a guy that will not only talk to me sweet and give me love paragraphs, don't get me wrong I love them but just imagine all the fun we could have with just a few words or emojis. lol yes you know what I mean. now I'm not asking nudes because I don't really like the idea of it. when you talk to me I don't want a " wyd" kind of relationship I want something freaky. Not just freaky but fun like let's be spontaneous. Lets go travel, to the beach, try new foods, or go to the park. Or even if we both feel lazy lets do something fun like a date, now I don't mean fancy I mean like watching movies and chilling, cuddling, telling each other how much we love each other.

Our differences. I hope we don't argue as often, even if it's the littlest things like the type of music I listen to. let's say that I like rock music and you hate rock music well lets have those days where one of us choose the music we listen to together. Trust me I wont have any problems with any types of music I love all genres except probably country, I'm sorry. If we have many different opinions on one specific topic well share them with me I want to know your interests in life's little topics.

His mind. I want to know about your thoughts like, do you think of me as often as I do? Or do you wonder if we would end up being more in the future? I would love to know your thoughts about the world or space. I love wondering about what space is like and all of these conspiracies theories that we will have. just imagine us watching Shane Dawson or some other youtuber that talks a lot about conspiracies. if you're depressed I want to know what you're thinking of, I hate feeling like I can't find a way to make you happy. but I hope that your thoughts aren't bad to the point where you hate everything about me.

Our goals. I want to become a better person well, I can't do it without you. we will workout everyday and if we feel lazy here and there lets motivate each other so we can stay happy and healthy. Let's try new things, like new restaurants, let's travel, lets tell each other stories on what we can achieve. I hope we can grow a happy family together. lets spoil each other with love or gifts I don't want expensive things just to make me love you more, no I love you for who you are and will be. I wouldn't mind but just don't waste your money plus your love to me is already worth more that a piece of jewelry.

If you're out there all I want to say is I love you and I hope that one day we can look back and read this letter and say " Wow, you really made this for me?" and smile at me like if I was the greatest thing to ever see. if you read this just know this is all I ask for.