It is important to follow specific rules in our lives in order to know which direction is right for us to follow through the life crossroads we always deal with. It's even more important for us to create those rules.

On this article (which is my first ever written!) I will be listing the rules that I have created as a reminder, revaluation and also as a possible review.

1) Always treat yourself.

Eat well and workout regularly, but also express your feelings and vindicate your needs.

2) Keep away toxic situations and negative people.

All types of purging are necessary once in a while.

3) Every difficulty is hiding a chance.

Never forget that.

4) Guilt is a useless feeling if you can't or don't want to change something.

Put it aside and take up your responsibilities. Only then, you can get rid of them.

5) It's smart to accept that one day you will transform from that "sexy and naughty Aphrodite" to a "sensual and charming Hera".

Just let it happen, it's gonna be wonderful!

6) Show empathy to other people.

Once you understand them, that's when the real communication starts. You can solve problems and create authentic relationships.

7) Nothing is stable, no matter how hard you try.

But that's not a bad thing. Let yourself change and discover new abilities.

8) Marylin's belief that diamonds is a woman's best friend is well respected and with great resonance.

I just prefer lipstick. It makes you beautiful in a moment, plus if you lose it you can always go and buy another one!

9) Books and trips.

Read and travel as much as you can. Expand your horizons and fly away!

10) The image of absolute happiness that you have in mind is just an illusion.

I've decided that, for me, absolute happiness is living in the present and taking deep and enjoyable breaths without limits and conditions.

Start from now...