--contains spoilers--
Never in my life have I been so inspired by a movie- or by anything, as La La Land. I’ve heard many opinions on it, about the whole thing but mostly the ending. Even among the people who loved the movie have very different ideas of what it all meant and that’s great! I just thought I would share mine.

There seems to be a general consensus that the ending was sad because they were so perfect for each other yet split up. They say that it’s sad because they broke their promises (”I’m always going to love you.”) People have said that the question we’re left with is “Is your dream worth your relationship?” and while I really don’t have an answer for that, my takeaway was very different. I thought it had a very happy ending.

I do not think that Mia is unhappy at all. I saw how comfortable she was in the car with him, sitting in traffic. How they held hands walking down the street, how he asked her how her day was and what she wanted to do when they were sitting in traffic and when they came across a club. I also do not think that Sebastian is unhappy. The way he dashed out onto the stage and greeted everyone who supported him that night, how casual he was talking to the crowd and joking about his friends/band. They were both very very happy I believe that.

However, then they locked eyes and the world seemed to hold it’s breath. He sat at the piano and feeling her eyes on him for what could be the last time, he gently played the song that first carried her into his arms. He wasn’t trying to win her back just by playing a song, he just took the moment to show her that he did not forget a single day they spent together. Both of them see a life that could have been, a life they could have spent together. The music swells and we are captivated by this dream… but the music starts to fade out and we come back to see them apart from each other again and we feel heartbroken.

As she leaves, she looks back and smiles at him and he smiles back. It’s not an awkward running-into-your-ex type of smile it’s genuine. In that smile they say “thank you.” She never broke her promise. She said she would always love him and she still does. She loves him for being there when she needed him most, for putting the skip back in her step when she otherwise would have fallen. He gave her a moment of adventure and love and that was enough. So don't be sad that they didn't work out in the end (because they aren't!) be happy for what they were and what they did for each other.

Disagree with me? Let me know why not!