I've never been
I've never been what you wanted
And well, I think I'll never be
I'll never be the one for you
And you know what?
You were never the one for me
Yes, you were what I wanted
But not anymore
It took time for me to put everything back in place
My thoughts
My feelings
My life
And now, after a long time
I've realized that I never really liked you
I liked your personality
The way you said all that was on your mind
The way you act like you didn't care
But most of all
I liked that fact that you were free
And I was not
I was wasting my youth with you
I was wasting everything with you
Everything with an imaginary you
But not anymore,
Now I'm free
Free for me
Free for my life
Free to do anything
Without you
Without anyone
Because I've learned that all I need is me
Only me