As the waves crash at the coast, i feel freedom.
They crash, because it's the way they are.
The way they function.
They do what they want to.
They're here to embrace mother nature.
I not only love the ocean, I become one with the ocean.
I feel free in the water, as I'm staring at my feet through the crystal clear saltwater.
The ocean represents life to me.
Below the surface is a whole world hidden.
Just like with us, humans. Whatever you see at first, doesn't represent what's underneath, to be more specific, what lays deep down within your heart.
As the ocean, can make me feel loved, the waves could make me drown. As much as I feel free at the beach, saltwater touching my feet, I also can feel trapped for not being able to explore every inch of the ocean. Sounds impossible, right?
Not only is the ocean at mother natures finest, but it's also unpredictable.
No matter how much the ocean makes me feel like at home, it's also capable of making me feel like behind bars in a prison.
Drowning myself with emotions and tears, which i let disappear into the saltwater.
Unable to see, the pain i let free.