Time is life changing, every second goes by and is different from the previous second. You have no idea what the next second, minute, hour or day will look like. You are either happy about your next second or you are sad, disappointed, you wish you could do something more about that second, but you can’t. You can never change the past, it’s impossible. You can only change the future, but how you do that is up to you. That next second can be the best second of you life, you have a lot of them in your life, to make up for and to live.

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Seconds are very important, you can do an action or say a word in a second and it can present a feeling. That feeling shows how to you feel about it, wether you think it’s depressing or you think it’s funny.

Sometimes you waste your seconds on boredom, doing nothing and being in a day dream is wasting your life, every second counts. Your life can move quickly and you don’t even realize it, which makes it a waste and you have been sitting there doing nothing for 10 minutes, that’s a lot of seconds. It’s like that kid in class, staring at the clock waiting for class to be over, in those seconds or minutes he could have done something. That something could have increased his chance of getting a better mark or have a chance to pass a test.

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Time is everything, we can’t live forever, we get older, which means we are less likely to do the things we use to. Make sure the next second is the best second ever, no one knows what may happen next.

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