The sounds of nature surround you, the birds chirping and the river flowing. Its a nice day, the sun was shining down on you and a nice breeze is blowing. You wanted to get out of the hotel where you were staying with your friends while you all were on your trip in the mountains . You keep walking through the forest while you look at the breath taking scenery. After a while, you decide to sit on a large rock and relax to the sounds around you. You were there for a few hours, then you feel a few drops of water on your face, you open your eyes to see it started raining like most people would be panicking about getting wet, but you didn't mind. You start walking back to where you were staying, enjoying all the rain and the sounds they made. you sang a little peaceful tune and made it back to the hotel, when you walked through the door, you are tackled by your best friend.
"Where were you, we were worried sick."
"Sorry, went for a peaceful walk in the forest, sorry." you said as you went to your room to dry off and get in some comfortable clothes.
When you were finished with that, you sat in the window and just stared out at the scenery of the wet forest,you thought in your head.
Beautiful as well as peaceful, I like it up here