''Sportwear is only to wear it at the gym.'' Oh dude!, you're so wrong.

The world of the sportwear is taking over our wardrobes, that's why sportswear is seen a lot at the streets: sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, sneakers, snapbacks, backpacks... In that world you can find a lot of variety so you can be wearing sportwear your whole life. Lol I'm just kidding!

Let me leave you some examples below of how you can wear some sportwear to the streets, festivals, school, even at the office...

Outfit 1: Back to school.

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  • Puffy jacket.
  • Adidas sweatshirt .
  • Stripped pants.

This outfit consist in that you have to wear a sweatshirt and a pants of the same color and then you can complete the outfit with a colorful jacket. Remember that the sweatshirt has to be without a hood, it can be annoying when you're trying to put on your jacket. Personal experience.

Outfit 2: Festival season.

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  • Crop top.
  • Basketball shorts.
  • Waist bag.

This outfit is clearly definition that you can go comfortable to a festival, well... you should go comfortable to a festival. The top has to be in basic colors like white, black, grey or nude colors so then you can add bright colours at the bottom and accessories like sunglasses, a bandana or a good pair of oversized earrings.

Outfit 3: At the office.

Image by Sandra Víctor
  • Coat.
  • Sweatshirt.
  • Sweatpants.

At the office you have to go well dressed but also comfortable, so why don't go with a tracksuit? Well, it has to be all of the same color, and if the coat is also, better than better. Get ready to be the envy of your workmates.

Outfit 4: I have a date.

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  • Adidas jacket.
  • Skater skirt.

This simple but cute outfit was made to dates. Your boy/girl will love this sporty outfit. But if the jacket has a simple color let the skirt shine and be extra with the sneakers, you decide what you want to stand out.

Outfi 5: Let's party!

fashion image
  • Sporty t-shirt.
  • Long skirt.

Only a t-shirt and a long skirt to party? Yes, you don't need more. The most important thing to party is to be comfortable and what's better than a skirt? Maybe one that has glitter!

Outfit 6: Time to bed.

adidas, cap, and girl image
  • Adidas t-shirt.
  • Adidas short.

Why not sleep with sporty shorts? Is the most comfortable clothe, at least for me. And then you can use it to be at home comfy watching TV or reading a good book. Of course in that outfit you don't have to wear sneakers unless you want to sleep with them, your choose. Let's try it!

Don't forget to get off home with a good pair of sneakers.

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