Part 2 to my 'Fashion at it's finest' article, there is way too many things to talk about to fit it all into one article!

Casual days;

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Timeless black high wasted jeans, paired with a gorgeous Bardot black and white top is the ideal dressy casual outfit!
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As the days are getting colder (here in England anyway) pairing a hoodie with leggings and some boots are a great way to look good as well as keep warm!
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Going out out;

Shopping for a night out with my girlfriends is probably my favourite thing to do, because obviously you need a new outfit every single time you hit the town. These are my favourite ways to style for a night out.

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The gorgeous ever so popular bodycon dress is easy to style, more often than not cheap and looks so flattering!
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Lounge wear;
My other favourite type of clothing, lounge wear/pyjamas, I could LIVE in lounge wear!

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