When you went away, I was so sad. I still miss you be cause you was so important to me. But now that you aren't here I wish just one thing, your company. I feel so alone now it's like I've got a hole in my heart and I can't put no one there. Nobody was like you in these nights alone, with the most brillant stars and the moonlight givin' us the perfect ambient to talk about our problems. I hope you can understand me, but I feel like there are so many chains holdin' me back. I feel so down, waiting for someone that does not exist. I want someone like you, someone that understands me and loves me with all my things that make me feel stupid. You was the best person in the world for my life, the one person who make me feel like I am really important. I just wish hear your voice one last time and get this memories always by my side. Your smell was so comfortable and it made me dream. And your eyes, oh god! your eyes made me tremble. There is no one that make me feel like you, nobody compares to you.