Hello everyone! Today I finally talk about the most haunting hairstyles in this period. Let's go right now!

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Let's start with space buns, a very tumblr hairstyle, which we are seeing everywhere now. They are very simple to do and very successful!

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The braids are back in fashion! To the French, to the ear and to the more you put it! now all have them, both those with very short hair and those who are very long

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the half-harvested is a very simple but very special hairstyle. Just make a tail with the first hair sections, and from there you can decide to let it melt or make it a braid or a chignon

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The latest hairstyle is the high tail. Very beautiful and feminine, now he is seen wearing anybody. Simple to do, but effective!

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I hope to be useful to you! :)
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Federica Giglio
Italian influencer