Farewells always remind me of a violent storm. The first lightning appears on the restless sky. You already feel it in your bones that rain is coming. Darkness is consuming everything on its way without mercy. The horizon lights up with a warning in the accompaniment of thunders.
And then the first raindrops fall. The sky is crying with all the heaviness from the depths of amethyst clouds. Leaves are bent under the weight of pain, still waiting for the breakthrough. The world seems to be drowning for a while but storm never lasts forever.
Finally, the first ray of sunlight appears. But there's this familiar feeling in your soul that someone is missing. The smell of fresh air fills your nostrils. It's all about changes. Farewells always leave your soul devastated no matter how much you are prepared for the rainfall.
Even if it's for a while.

-The Starchild.