After lecturing at the famous and irresistible Rivers College, I devoted myself to my research with Dyan's new roommate, we had a free room, and we had to deal with it as soon as possible.
<< I found someone who does our case >> make my best friend as we go and eat a hot dough near the College.
<<What is it like? Only Dyan men, I recommend
<<She is quieter, she is more like you >> slapping the wink.
<< Do not overdo >> I raise my eyebrows.
After lunch, back home, Stew is not there, he probably went to buy something edible, as the refrigerator is empty.
<<Will the new roommate come today?>> I ask Dyan.
<< Tonight >> says, then closes in the room.
Meanwhile, I'll have a look at the weekly programs, I'll have to accompany that Teresa to the family dinner. And tomorrow night. I usually meet clients the day before to teach them what we will do, but today I did not really have time, so I'll have to settle for only half an hour before.
If you are wondering why I do this work, the truth is that there is no reason. I like to support women and I like the money, and trust them a lot.
Then suddenly, while my eyes are fixed on my agenda, I feel a shudder coming from the entrance. I do not like being boxed, I usually get comfortable at home, I'm not naked just for Dyan's presence. And when I arrive I see a subject with giant basketball shorts, a three times big body sweatshirt, and a golden hair trapped in a baseball cap. And he's trying to recover all the bags and suitcases that have fallen to him. He looks up.
<< Hello Friend. I'm the new roommate >> says chewing a big pink bubble and tending my hand.
<< NEW ROOMMATE? >> I scoff.
What the hell is going on?
<< I am Lyndi >>
<< Dyan! Come on right here! >> yell.

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