Some artists that you should listen to

Bea Miller

braid pink bea miller bea miller
February 7, 1999, 18 years old

Favorite songs by her: Buy me diamonds, Fire N gold, yes girl, Like that, A song like you, This is not an apology, Force of nature, Perfect picture, Paper doll, Young blood, I dare you

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badlands halsey badlands halsey
September 29, 1994, 23 years old

Favorite songs by her: HER WHOLE BADLANDS ALBUM (I haven't listened to her whole hopeless fountain kingdom album yet), Drive, Roman Holiday, Now or never, Bad at love, Gasoline, Ghost, Strangers, Sorry, Strange love, Coming down, Haunting

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Sabrina Carpenter

sabrina carpenter sabrina carpenter sabrina carpenter sabrina carpenter
May 11, 1999, 18 years old

Favorite songs by her: All we have is love, Run and hide, Too young, Why, Eyes wide open, Shadows, We'll be the stars, On purpose, Thumbs

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Troye Sivan

blonde troye sivan boy troye sivan
June 5, 1995, 22 years old

Favorite songs by him: Heaven, Wild, Lost boy, Bite, Ease, for him., Talk me down, Happy little pill, Fools, DKLA

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Five Seconds of Summer

luke hemmings luke hemmings Superthumb calum hood
Calum: January 25, 1996, 21 years old; Ashton: July 7, 1994, 23 years old; Luke: July 16, 1996, 21 years old; Michael: November 20, 1995, 22 years old;

Favorite songs by them: Vapor, Amnesia, Outer space, If you don't know, Safety pin, San Francisco, Waste the night, Disconnected, End up here, Good girls, Beside you, Out of my limit, Try hard

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Arctic Monkeys

alex turner alex turner alex turner alex turner
Alex Turner: January 6, 1986, 31 years old; Matt Helders: May 7, 1986, 31 years old; Jamie Cook: July 8, 1985, 32 years old; Nick O'Malley: July 5, 1985, 32 years old;

Favorite songs by them: Arabella, Knee Socks, Do I wanna know?, Fluorescent adolescent, R U Mine?, Snap out of it, Why'd you only call me when you're high?,

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The 1975

band band band Superthumb

Favorite songs by them: The sound, Love me, She lays down, Ugh!, A change of heart, She's American, If I believe you, Please be naked (Basically the whole ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI album)

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