Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a new article :) a usual premise, remember that I'm Italian and that I'm currently translating the article with an app and I'm not sure how good it is, so if there is any mistake ... excuse me! :(
Today, I want to talk to you about some of the trends that will disappear in the winter of 2018.

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Let's start with the colors, something of a big trend will be green: not a green off and not a military green ... a green lawn!

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Another very trendy color will be red, of all shades.

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Fashion fur will come back (fake fur, remember!)

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And even dark-haired jeans.

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The crop tops will also be in winter, full of cracks and details.

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How to forget about the patches, which we find nowhere else. Of all kinds
I hope this little and short article will help you a lot and especially that it is useful for Back To School!

A kiss
Federica Giglio
Italian Influencer