So, this is my first article. I wanna write about summer and how this summer, kinda, change a part of my life. After exams were over in high school, me and my friends did not go through those summer vibes. When everyone was having fun with families and friends, we were just fighting, so it was expected that we were no longer be friends. So it is right now. Summer has come to an end and we have not talk to each other, for what? 2 3 months? School is on the way and I really do not know how things are going to be. Nevermind, I had a wonderful vacation in Lemnos, Greece with a couple of friends and I realized that I really miss those guys. I'm over it so leggo to the point of this article and sorry for wasting your time with all that stuff.

August is over, summer is over. Summer ends but memories last. Most people during summer would have said "Let go of your phone, go outside, get some fresh air with your friends" and things like that. But no. No. I would not say that as a parent to my children. Hell no. Okay, of course go outside and do not stay at home but if you want to remember your summer, do things that will not make you forget it. Take pictures, take pictures of everything, of your friends, of the beach, of the sunset, of your food, do not let moments just walk out of your life without leaving a mark. This is summer about, about to remember moments. And I think I might hated myself if I did not do that all summer long, because I would regret it. So if a fuckboy wasted you or a friend, live your life to the fullest in summer days in order to forget things that have been worried you the other days.

That's all for now, xoxo