we all know the struggle of waking up way earlier than a person should if they want to function normally for a great amount of hours ! here are some tips & tricks i only caught up on in my senior year. this ! is how i survived high school!


i can't tell you how many times i have almost been late to places just because i can't decide what to wear! check the weather of the following day & plan your outfit the previous night! have to pack lunch for school? do it the previous night! have to fill your backpack with the right notes? do it the previous night! it's time to save time & get a few more mins of that beauty sleep you deserve!

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for me? it's yoga. stretching helps me out soooo much, i'm definitely a stretchy type of person and even if you're not, i would suggest you at least try it. yoga can be amazing for people of any body type or physical abilities. while quickly going through a few poses i try to make a small list in my mind of things that i am going to do & what i should be grateful today. but for others ? let's be real, the answer would most likely be in a cup of coffee or tea ( green tea also gives you a lot of energy & it's definitely a healthier alternative ). find what wakes you up the most since those are definitely different things for everyone ! maybe it's listening to loud and upbeat music while getting ready, doing sudoku on your way to school or running to the bus you might miss ! just remember to have your body & mind moving!

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i honestly have no idea how i survived most of school without making 'to do lists', because let me tell you how great they are. it's an amazing way to be organized if you're that type of person. if you're not ? it's all good, i rarely am, so my 'to do lists' were written on sticky notes and placed right in front of my face so i'm reminded of my responsibilities again and again. they help you keep track of things & you won't ever be surprised by a homework you didn't know you had to do. and i can't tell you how good it feels to see everything on the list crossed out and done. ( definitely not every day for me since i can be lazy. and ! there's so much each of us is capable of in one day, so don't feel pressured to do everything at once ) though i do recommend getting a planner (you can get some at any store for cheap & there are so many pritable sheets that you can get online) so you can see your whole week or month just so you can be able to do some stuff ahead when you're feeling productive. this helped me so much not to get overloaded with homework and preparing for tests because i could do some of the stuff early !

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i cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated! always take a bottle of water with you & drink even just a little bit every once in a while. i used to feel terrible and exhausted at school until i realized i was just dehydrated, so water literally changed a lot when it came to studying at school.

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this might sound funny to you, but all of us can get simply tired of a certain class. maybe it's the last lesson and it's been an exhausting and stressful day and you just can't seem to focus on anything & can't force yourself to pay attention. just ask if you can go to the bathroom or the nurses office and have a walk around the school or if you can't, then just chill for a few minutes in the bathroom. you'll get your body moving for a bit and you'll feel a bit better already, i promise you.

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i can't ever imagine how terrible it can get to study the whole day at school and go home just to study even more for the next day. so decide on a set amount of time for winding off from school. it's important to stick to a specific count and not get carried away ! take some time off and chat with your family, take a walk with a friend after school or simply watch an episode of your favorite show! you deserve some happiness and your brain will be more productive when it has had some rest and when you're feeling better !

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have you heard that your brain is the most productive at the beginning of your studying session. and the more you study the less energy and attention your brain can pay to what you're trying to study. so that's why you should get to the most important tasks at first and then move on to tasks that can be done a different day in case your priority task takes up all your energy and day.

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my school is the worst at scheduling tests & quizes, so i would get a week with one test in one subject and the next week i'd have 7 tests and 2 presentations, it would be horrible and exhausting. i suggest studying even on fridays, saturdays and sundays about 2/3 hours each day instead of exhausting yourself on sunday night just to wake up feeling even more exhausted the monday morning !

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i know this sounds funny, like, mondays are the worst days. even if you like studying or your school and are excited to see your friends. after 2 days of waking up whenever you feel like it the first day to get back in weekday routine will always be the worst ! but ! my suggestion to keep yourself happy even on mondays ( or any other day of the week that usually is the worst for you ) is make plans ! make plans with your friends or family, to get something delicious for lunch, go get your favorite coffee or watch your favorite tv show on that day just to have something in that bad day to look forward to !

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another funny tip, right? i should just try my hand at writing comical articles now. i'm kidding. but ! this tip is something i have been using for about 5 years and it has always made me feel more confident about what i have learnt for the next day. it's originally a superstition. " when you put a book or your revision under your pillow and go to sleep, all the knowledge from it goes to your brain when you sleep. " who could believe that right ? but i'm slightly superstitious, i hate black cats who cross me and whenever i get out of the house and have to go back because i forgot something i take a glance in the mirror to make sure nothing bad happens. i guess the whole catch is that if you put the book under the pillow you actually do some revision right before going to sleep and that's how you remember everything the best ! it's actually scientifically proved that what you study the night before you remember better the next day than if you learnt it right before the test or whatever !

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i'm sorry that this got so long ! i hope you had fun reading it & i hope this was helpful for you as well !

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