As I am getting older, I realize all the things I've learned through experiences and people. I understand that there is a list of things that I do not intent to go through, again.

I've been a fool and the one that fools others, but you're not here to read about that. Let me show you what I've learned;

1 . Time is not money, it's worthier
You can't spend it on stuff that you don't really care about. You have to invest it, not waste it. Time can bring you money, joy, a great future, and it can also bring you pain, sadness and other terrible stuff, that you'll be able to exploit later on, for your own good.

2 . Not all bad things, are bad things
I had so many bad moments to occur in my life, but I am standing stronger than ever, while being wiser than other people of my age. A misfortune, doesn't gift you only with awful presents.

3 . It doesn't end
Many people, openly state the fact that they hate their lives. In my opinion this statement is half finished. It should be 'I hate my life; right now'. You cannot be sure of how your life is going to be in 10 years from now, you just can't.

4 . Build your story
I find it so silly, that some people don't make a life that will please them, just because others tell them not to. If someone wants to be a photographer, he shouldn't give up on it because it's hard to make money on that field. As Doctor Who said, 'we are all stories in the end', so why not make it a great one? So built your story, instead of letting everyone else write it for you!

5 . You decide your feelings
You can decide whether you're going to let bad things get to you. You react to the things that happen and you can do it in anyway you want. People can bully you, but you don't have to be a victom. Happiness is a choice.

6 . Your voice is important
Don't be afraid of saying your opinion, or standing up for yourself, or laugh when you want to laugh. Everyone is important, therefore you are important, meaning that you shouldn't silence what you have to say, but actually say it.

7 . Why copy, when you can be better?
Personally, I had lots of idols growing up. I aspired to be different people at once - I really don't know how I thought it would work. Until, I realized I can be even better than them. Learn the game, then play better than everybody else.

8 . Play the part
Scientific studies found numerous times, that they way you dress instantly affects the way you act and the way others treat you.

9 . Love yourself & create yourself!
Do I have to remind you, the legendary Jackie Burkhart? Anyway, the trick to being confident, is to love yourself inside and out. If you don't like something; change it. If you can't change it; accept it.

You don't have to hide the things that you believe to be ugly about you, some people can be really into them, no matter what you think. We are all human beings, the crazy standards that magazines and TV shows are trying to sell, are not close to what we are. Guys and girls know that. Don't compare yourself to fake-impossible-to-achieve kind of things. Be yourself, create yourself and finally love yourself.

Most of the times, the people we truly fall in love with are not the hottest people in the room, they have something unexplainable that attracts us. That, is what I call originality and comfort in one's self.

10 . Love yourself FIRST
You don't truly love someone, if you don't love yourself first.

11 . Don't do something, cause you want to prove your love
My bestie said her ex boyfriend, told her to jump from a building (this tall; 5 meters, aka 16.4 feet) with him, because his dumb friends did it for fun. If she didn't do it, she wouldn't prove her love. He broke his arm; instant Karma. Screw that guy, people who do love you, will never make you do something illegal or dangerous.

12 . 'I want to do' and 'I will do and I have to do'
In my life, I always planned stuff and then at the last minute something would occur, that wouldn't let me do the stuff I had planned. It's pretty common to all of us actually. So how do we fix this, without being disappointed?

-Say 'I will do/I have to do', for all the things that you can do alone, without help or distractions.

-Say 'I want to do' for things you can't really control, but you will try your best to achieve. For instance; 'I want to buy this table, when I get paid'

On that note, here are some more quotes;
Paulo Coelho; When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Nikos Kazantzakis; What never happened was what we didn't want enough.

13 . Cube-talking
That's how I call it, because a cube has many sides. When talking, we should really try to look all the sides of a matter and then have an opinion, that is deserved to be listened to.

14 . A mask, becomes the face
When you pretend to be someone else for a long time, then you become the person you were pretending to be. Sometimes that's great and other times it's hell on Earth. So be careful of your actions, because they shape you.

15 . The three best friends
You become the people you have around you and most of the times you are what you attract. So choose wisely, honey.

16 . Parents can be as*holes, and also angels
We love them, we hate them and then we love them again. They are flawed and they weren't always parents. They had different experiences, they lived in different times.

17 . You don't fail, until you give up
So don't get blue when something didn't came out as you wanted it. If you work hard, you'll get there.

18 . You can't have only 1 goal
You achieve it and then what? And I don't mean the kind of goal where you say; 'I want to be happy, cause John Lennon was right', I mean the kind of goal where you go; 'I only want to built a business in my life'. Then what? Are you going to call the day and say; 'Okay, mission accomplished, I'm done!'. Life will continue and you have to set goals that you are looking forwards to achieve. If you have no goals, life will be awesome for about ten minutes and then it will get boring. There's always something left for you to fight for.

19 . Life owes you nothing
Life is unfair to all of us, is that what makes it fair? Yes, yes it is.

20 . You can find magic and freedom and all you want; in your brain
I am 100% serious. Your mind has literally no limits. You can do whatever you want in it. Create a mind palace, an imaginary world, be free, imagine stuff you like, think for lots of hours. No one can tame your mind, even though they could tame your body.

21 . Achieve the following for to be healthy;
-A healthy sleep pattern, with reasonable hours
-A healthy diet, with a variety of foods
-Some form of daily exercise (eg. Dancing)
-Avoid burn out, by letting yourself unwind everyday
-Exercise your brain too, by memorizing things every other day and reading

22 . You can learn everything
Not EVERYTHING, but everything from; a textbook, a game, a thing you care about enough. There are many ways to memorize things and if you learn these ways, even with an average IQ, you can get an extraordinary memory.

23 . There are no limits
You set the limits for yourself.

That's all I had for you folks ^w^! I hope you have an awesome day!

PS: Don't drink a shot, after every time you read the word 'thing', you'll drink so many that you'll end up intoxicated :')