1) Harry Styles, because he's my idol, and he's totally amazing, gorgeous, and he's got a lot of talent!

2) Linkin Park.
I know since I was a baby, I was brought up inside! Chester's voice was so sweet! If you want to know, or you don't know, it's a metal band and a bit of rap (for mike shinoda). This band is really wonderful, and can make super hard music like quiet music, both was good for Chester.

3) Eminem. Oh my God! (yes, I'm talking about Marshall). So you know better than me that he is the god of rap, the love of my life (It's a joke lol), he is perfect, his texts are perfect, he has a dark past, etc.
If you do not know, Eminem, or marshall, had a difficult past, I mean by the fact that he was really.. without money when he was young! BUT, he started the music and .. You know what? He was nicknamed the god of rap. It is well named.

4) Arctic Monkeys. You said it was a band with a guy with a weird voice? We didn't lie to you! So ... Arctic Monkeys, it's such a original band ? I just can tell you that the texts are wonderful, with a different interest of usual, as well as a melody and a different voice of usual, which makes AM totally brilliant.

5) And the last one is...MY WONDERFUL BABY... Troye SIVAAAAAAAAAAAN!

SOOOOO, if you don't know, Troye Sivan, aka the most beautiful baby of 21 years, Troye is gay! Well, agree with me, there are not many singers or actors who dare to do their coming out .. But troye.. He did it quite young, when he was still youtuber! So, for that, I respect him more than anyone else. He has a different voice from others, and his lyrics are genial, with a lot of meaning, and they really make you think.

So here it is! I hope you like it! If so, you can even listen to them, you will see that I was not lying!