As streets and allies wandering
Thinking lonely as much pondering
A lone stroller is slowly walking
Strolling to find something

As soon as there came a beating
Was his my frightened times repeating
Over what she thought a marking
Mark of a last love deleting

As fastened shivers and strolling
Through darkened corners crawling
A flower shop caught her eye
Dangling and swinging flowers standing by

Stunned and stood people saw creeping
Their eyes wide shut were peeking
All but ones looking, is lovely seeking
Seeking for a last time tweaking

As walking faster, looking straighter
To gaze closer to the lighting fader
Seekers, tense, while moving further
Further to grasp and gaze no later

As she grabbing, but gently taking
The lone stroller surely making
To hold the flower heart-close
"Whats the price of this single rose?"

"A great price for a gentle woman
And a fortune for hungry gents
Take the flower off your hands
And with the night be gone and went"

"Please good sir, a rose is all i ask
To help me burn my hateful mask
Tis the only flower i ever chose
Tell me the price of this single rose"

"There is no price with what to pay
Not by you and not this day"
"I dont have much but my dimes and cloth
Please, tell me the price of this single rose."

"Good girl, there is nothing that can be done
As the price for this flower is paid by none
You cant pay with dimes nor with cloth
As pain, is the price of this single rose."