I wish I could go in California
To avoid this fucking amnesia
Because I think you are a stranger
But you say that you are my lover.

I see in your eyes that you are not a liar
When I sleep, you make a little prayer
And I know that you hope that I remember
But day after day, my amnesia get stronger.

I hear you crying in a corner of your chamber
I would to hold you to make you feel better
But I am scared
Oh, I am afraid.

Yesterday you have bring me on the roof
I know you love me but I need a proof
To me you are only a boy who is unknown
You are nobody that I remind having known.

I trust you so I have accepted your sweet kiss
It was strange but I was drowned in the bliss
My heart was happy as he has never been before
I think I cannot say you are a stranger anymore.

I am still amnesiac and I will be until the end
But I am feeling entire when you hold my hand
I know we can build again our romance
And live in peace the rest of our existence.

— barddoniaeth