1: Japan

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The Land of the Rising Sun and the definition of goals. This place just looks like my kind of Hevan. Hopefully, when I have some more money and have finished school, I shall be able to spend a few months out in Japan. It has been my dream for many years! KAWAII!

2: Bora Bora, The Frech Polynesia

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So I discovered Bora Bora through the sitcom Fraiser. And since then I have just fallen in love with this tropical paradise. This seems like some sort of Honeymoon destination to me.

3: India

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This Country would never have made it onto my list if it wasn't for my parents. It has been my Mums dream to go to India and her dream has slowly become mine also! The Taj Mahal is so beautiful! I want to see it in person!

4: Thailand

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Lanterns, Elephants and absolutley gorgeous landscape, Thailand has been on my list for a long time.

5: The United States of America

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If I just named all the individual States I wanted to visit, I wouldn't have any more room on my list! Florida, NYC, California and Seattle are on the top of my U.S.A bucket lisit, though my family are going to Los Vegas next month and I am so freaking excited!

6: South Korea

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One Word....BEAUTIFUL! The South Korean Culture just fascinates me so much!

7: Paris, France

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My Family have been to France many times, but the only times we've been to Paris was to Disneyland, and when my Dad stuck in Paris as we couldn't go under a bridge as it was too small for our caravan (the most stressful ninety minutes of my life) So I want to actually see Paris properly.

8: Kenya

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I just love animals, and a safari in Kenya sounds perfect (Potterheads, I think my Patronus would be an elephant!)

9: Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon, Northen Lights and Gorgeous Landscapes just screams me! A week in Iceland woud be sure bliss.

10: China

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To walk on the great wall would be a dream for me. China is definitely on the list for me! (I do love the food as well)

Other places just below ten include The Maldives, Mexico, Italy, Singapore and Canada. But that's enough for today.
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