Records satirical content videos designed to laugh at the audience.
For the reactions and rants to individuals people.It is my support when no one has been.He changed my view of the world.#Čopor ❤️ My Idol.💕

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It also captures videos like the previous youtuber.He is known in the Balkan.💪

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3.Its Ricco tho
His videos are fun and sarcastic.I love he.He records challenges,reactions,open snap fans..#lastfam ❤️ My idol.

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Laugh,laugh more laugh.'She' is so funny.Loveee.(Sorry,ItsNickBean.Your sister is better than you.XD)

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5.Maria Bethany
Its glamor and beauty are presented on the canal. It comes with makeup and fashion.💗

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Gratis+ HAHAHA 😹😹

Just perfect.No comment.Leafy says:"If you don't like satire content, probably not the place for you." BITCH,YAAS LEAFY 👋🌟 (My Idol🖤)

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