1. Black Magic Woman - Santana

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The song 'Black Magic Woman' was first composed by the (at that time still a bluesband) band: Fleetwood Mac. The song never took off though, untill Carlos Santana made his own cover and put it on his second album 'Abraxas'.
Santana can be found on the list of godly guitarplayers. The Rolling Stone magazine put Santana at the twentieths place of the 100 greatest guitar players. The immense diversity of little melodies Santana plays in this piece is tremendous.
If you like music with a relaxed vibe, you should definitely try this song out. Santana is known for his latin-rhtythm psychedelia music. When you hear him shred his guitar on this song, you can hear the talent.
If you would like to 'play' this song as well? This song can be found on the playlist of the game Guitar Hero III. So plug in and rock on :D

2. Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

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After the rocking song 'The fixer', 'Just Breathe' is the second single of Pearl jam's ninth studio-album Backspacer (2009). Pearl Jam is usually not known for love songs, so as Vedder said:

"As close to a love song as we've ever gotten"

He later on added to the Toronto Globe and Mail:

"There's never a dull moment on the road - every day it's something. Maybe that's why my goal is the dull moment. That's what this song is: It's saying, 'Just stop, and be together. Don't talk now, just breathe and feel each other's presence - now that the kids are in bed."

You can't imagine why this song really is a true work of art. For a lot of people this song can have a great meaning, it interprets feelings that can be hard to express.
The Dynamic mix of the serene voice and the simple but beautiful guitar play, makes this song adored by many people.
Did you know that the guitarplay of this song has the same picking pattern as Dust in the wind of Kansas has? Well.. now you do.

3. Nightswimming - R.E.M.

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According to Michael Stripe this song gives a nostalgic view on the past and according Peter Buck, the guitarist, is this song about secretly swimming at night in a pool in Athens when they were young. There are a lot of interpretations about the song but it all comes down to one thing: experiencing the freedom of the past.
This ballad made by the alternative rock band R.E.M. is a beautiful song with an of the hook melody. Mils plays a piano motif he has referred to as 'circular' in nature, and there is also an absence of a drummer. It is a very alternative song, but it works.

I sure hope you guys like these songs too! These are all actually very serene songs and are about the thing that is the most important in life, love. So enjoy the amazing guitar skills of Santana, The low-voice of Vedder or the magically motifs that appear in nightswimming.
Have a nice day all :D

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