OMG you guys! I can't believe that I woke up this morning with 100 wives in 2 days , maybe you don't get it but for me its HUGE 💕thanks for everything and I will continue uploading ☕️.
Today I will be taking about 5 things I need to have when I travel !🐧.

1️⃣ a good BOOK: I love to carry a good book in my handbag, because I find it boring to be listening to music all the time or watching a movie, and I find it useful to be able to do something else.💕☕️📚
2️⃣ BUBBLEGUM: I know it is the most normal in the world, but if I don't have gum I can not travel I need to have gum !💕☕️📚
3️⃣MY JOURNAL: I need to have my journal near, since I like to write what I am doing, my expectations of what the place is going to be like, etc. I also like to keep my memories of my travels so on the plane I surely put in my journal the airplane ticket or something like that💕☕️📚
4️⃣FOOD: food, I need to have food on the plane, because the food on the plane is horrible, so I always take candy, or some snacks💕☕️📚
5️⃣ HEADPHONES: I need to have them because I love to listen to music and to forget everything, is what I like to be on the plane, to be able to leave everything for a moment