Going back in time when I feel her
She touching me, it's too familiar
The way she doing the things
She does exactly the way you used to
Let me take a break, I need a breather
The way she moving, I can't believe how she does exactly the same
I must be going insane, am I going crazy?
Do I need some therapy to get shorty out of my mind?
Girl, my head is racing
Heard shortys been needing the rest of my mind
Am I making love to you through her ?
Thought I left that part of life behind me
It's back to haunt every girl that loves me
Why can't she leave me alone
Can't believe every girl that I hold I see you
The greatest times we had the best of
Push back rewind, but I can't delete her
Move forward into my life, I had a place and a time to apologize