To me, feminism is about fighting for a change. Fighting for someone's rights. Not degrading men and making women the "better gender". No, I'm fighting for equality. I'm fighting for the women who get verbally harassed on a day-to-day basis because they have different body parts. I'm fighting for the women who live in third world countries and are made to stay home and clean instead of getting and education or a job because they're female. I'm fighting for the little girls who witness their mother a mess on the floor, tears streaming down her face as her father walks out because they disagreed on something and he thought it was best for him to "teach her a lesson" by slapping her. I'm fighting to stop domestic violence. I'm fighting to stop women being scared to go out alone in fear that they'd get raped. I'm fighting to teach men that No means No. I'm fighting for a better and safer world for everyone, not just men.

( Via - @Nicolejadeee )