1. Vinyl Records

It doesn't matter if it's a record player standing in the corner of your bedroom or a wall covered with old vinyls of your dad, the alternative touch to your bedroom is definitely added with vinyl records.

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2. Cactuses

These simple plants are amazing to give an alternative/free/indie spirit to your bedroom.

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3. Lights

Beautiful and cosy, what else do you need?

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4. Books

Art books, novels, history books or chickflicks? It really doesn't matter.

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5. Your Soul

Everyone has something that fills their soul endlessly. Listening to music, reading countless books, painting every chance you get, writing your imaginations down, collecting stuff, travelling the world, taking pictures everywhere you go, studying the stars in the night sky, and so many more. Fill your bedroom with your own soul, and don’t be afraid to do so. Show it in the little things, and let it mean so much more to you.

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