Paris ✈ San Francisco

Do you ever just be on an airplane and realize that the world is so huge? Every time I go on an airplane I have this feeling, the feeling of seeing the whole world from the window of the plane and be as free as a bird.

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Travel means something different to every person in the world, but this is my definition of “travel” and my summer in California.
For me travel is about freedom, it’s about discovering new cities, new beaches, new breath-taking landscape…It’s about discovering every part of our world. During my trip I was in SF watching the golden gate bridge with the blue sky and also the frog with some people that I’ve never seen, I was in south lake tahoe doing kayak with the amazing blue water and the mountains, I was in Yosemite hiking to see some beautiful waterfalls and I was so wet because of the water of the waterfalls, I was in the death valley feeling alone and admiring the desert, I was in Vegas walking on the strip with some crazy and nice people, I was in L.A taking pictures with the Hollywood signs, I was in Malibu watching the surfers and I was in the Monterey bay aquarium seeing all the fishes. And even if I tried to explain all those memories, you will not feel the same way I feel. Because Travel is about making memories because you were there, with some people, at a specific time, and those memories can never ever be created again.

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For me travel is about meeting some new people and new cultures, it’s about finding yourself again and again, it’s about do whatever you want whenever you want. It’s about leaving our problems away and just wake up, go to the beach or discover a city, take pictures, eat, and have fun. Travel it’s about to be outside of our comfort zone, and try something new. For me travel is Happiness.

St.Augustine once said : “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

I can’t wait to discover new places and travel again.

San Francisco ✈ Paris