We were told, to be like water;
We were told, to flow through life;
We were told, to remain quiet.

To be quiet so we wouldn't raise our voice;
so injustice could survive,
while we died a slow death.

Image by flvh

We were told, to be like water;
because water can put fires out;
because then, we will bow and accept.

Rebellion is punished,
Revolutions are condemned,
And humanity drowns in tears, sweat and blood.

Image by Jinxthedreamer

And so, being water, my friend,
Our women were raped,
Our immigrants enslaved,
Our workers starved.

Be fire, my friend.

fire and night image

Be a force that burns walls down,
Be the light that marks the path,
Be the warmth this world craves.

That last flame of hope,
The message written in coals,
The welcome blaze of the hearth.

Image by Yassine Bakhtaoui

Fire, dear friend.