So I'm an Army a fan of Bangtan Seoyeondan or BTS or Beyond The Scene since I'm 14 which mean this year (2017) is my third year being their fan.

So, what I'm trying to tell you guys is how they motivate me, how they inspire me and how they changed me.

The first time that I knew about them is when one of my friend introduced them to me, like showing their pictures and stuff. At first, I was like nahhh, I'm not gonna like go crazy about them and stuff. But, the more I know about them the more I go crazy about them.

I mean, look at their lyrics. On how they wrote their lyrics was like from the bottom of their heart. Namjoon (Rapmonster) inspire me the most.

For examples ;

Happiness is not something that you have to achieve. You can still be happy on the process of achieving something.

Something can be beautiful even though there's something terrible.

While you teasing my keyboards, I fulfilled something.

He changed how I think, how I react to the hates that I got, to my friends who stabs behind me. All of them changed me.

Look at their relationship between each other, very close. To me, they are not just a member of a group. They literally a family. Who cares of each other. Who respect each other. Who loves each other. Even though they didn't show their love (especially Jungkook) they still care.

Jungkook, he never cry in front of his hyungs. But, then one day he cried, he told Namjoon about how he really felt. How much he loves and care his hyung. He even wrote a song about how thankful he is (Begin).

The friendship of Jimin and Taehyung. The happiness of Hoseok. The confidence of Seokjin. The Positive Vibes of Namjoon. The Silence of Jungkook and Yoongi.

They teach me life, they teach me love. They show me everyone is deserve to live, they show peace.

The most thing that I like about them is, they never proud of what they achieve, they are so humble. Even though, they won a lot of awards, they still shocked whenever the emcee announced their name as winner, they still cried, they still hugs each other. How precious they are?

Look, I don't care which group did you want to stan. But, please don't show hates to each other. I know not all of you show hates but to "some" please stop being immature and support all of the group. Even though you don't to support them, you just want to support the group that you are stanning. Fine. Go ahead. But please.


(Sorry for my grammatical errors, I'm sucks at writing. Sorry I'm out of the topic. I love you guys.)