If no-one cares, why should you?

Shines bright;
Deep water reflects my pain.

I feel in so many ways,
People look at me like I've gone insane.

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The silence is worse than the scream.

Mind control.

In my sleep,
I'm in so deep...
Open my eyes and free my soul.

I'll catch my nightmares and fears.
I'll lock them in cages with tears,
And I'll move on like I'm fine on my own.

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Love is more than a feeling from one to another, it's the best style of living.

New mornings.

The dark night turns into a day...
As the sun comes
Up blessing us all,
With an oppornity for
A new fresh start.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors & doing new things, because we are curious & curiosity keeps us down new paths."
— Walt Disney
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With love, Evelyn.