Hey! I'm Lola and welcome to the second installment of "What's in My Makeup Bag." Today's installments are about leaving the warm summer behind and trade in for warm blankets and warm coffees. I love everything about fall, but the makeup is beautiful and drenched in my favorite colors. Here are the trends you should follow and the easiest ways to follow through with them.

Trend: Bold Lips
Even though bold lips seem scary, it might be the easiest of these to follow, they make a statement while still blending in with your surroundings. The best and most popular colors tend to be deep plums, burgundy and dark browns. I suggest the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. These lipsticks are great because they are so comfortable, come in a whole bunch of colors and are easy to apply. They are around 8 dollars. If you're a newbie, you might want to pair a Color Icon Lipliner from Wet n Wild, which is only 99 cents.

Trend: Mauve
In case you didn't know, mauve is described as a muted, somewhat deeper shade of purple, at least in my book. You can rock this a bunch of ways. One way is blush, I just say to find your favorite blush line in the drugstore and find the mauve shade of your choice because this does vary on skin tone. Another way is eyeshadow, a great mauve shade is Brady Super Shock Shadow by Colourpop, just put it in your crease or on your whole lid. It's five dollars on Colourpop.com.

Trend: Wavy Everything?
This is a very new trend for fall and I think it's a bit silly, but a cool way to rock it and make it wearable is wavy highlighter or eyeliner. This trend isn't my favorite, but it is very creative and cool if done right. For the eyeliner, I suggest the Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, its about 2.99 and is a felt tip. For the highlighter I would go with a cream to powder formula or liquid formula. That, I believe would be personal preference.

Thank you for reading! I hope I could help with finding good makeup finds with the new season.

Cover photo credit: @ronjaklungset on WeHeartIt