Autumn is on its way.
Now, if you are one of those people who get excited instantly at the thought of the cold season approaching, then this article is not for you. I am talking to all those who, just like me, shiver at the thought of everything withering and dread the moment they will have to start wearing coats and scarves again. Hello fellow summer lovers, this one’s for you.

I am just not made to live in cold places. I have indeed lived during my university years in cold countries, but that is just not where I belong. I love the sun, the hot weather, strolling down the street under a cloudless sky and drinking fresh lemonade. Spring and summer are my seasons. I am so not looking forward to having to deal again with most of the things autumn and fall bring, first among all the cold, which I deeply, deeply, deeply hate.

Let’s despair not though. There are indeed some nice things that come along with the cold seasons as well. I am writing this article firstly to remind myself of them. Secondly because maybe somebody of you feels like me and needs reminding. So yeah, I hope this helps. We can get through this winter once again ;)

So here you have seven things I love about fall and winter:

Number 1: Nature’s colours

It is undeniable that nature becomes really amazing during autumn. When the leaves of the trees start turning orange and yellow, that is really wonderful. I find it a great way to get gently into the autumn/winter mood. The cold season approaches but the beautiful surrounding makes you easily forget how sad it is that the warm, sunny days will be gone for a while.

Number 2: TV shows

A lot of shows and TV-series resume their usual airing schedule again from Spetember/October on. The wait is over. Kudos to autumn for that.

Number 3: Layers

Now, I hate coats and scarves but I really like the fact that you can actually play around with clothes more during autumn/winter. If you are into fashion like me, you know what I am talking about. It is just more fun when you can mix and wear multiple pieces of clothing instead of having to go with only one shirt and one pair of shorts.

Number 4: Make-up

I love, love, love wearing make-up, but when it’s very hot outside I usually find it uncomfortable, especially when it comes to foundation and eye pencil. I thus prefer applying only the minimum amount or going around barefaced. Now it’s finally time to wear that full on make-up again, and it is something I am truly excited for.

Number 5: Hot chocolate

Hot beverages in general really. I am obsessed with chocolate, whatever has chocolate in it that is what I’ll go for. I miss it terribly during the summer, but I just can’t get myself to eat it. As soon as the temperature drops that is really the first thing I do: go to the supermarket and buy chocolate bars, chocolate candies and hot chocolate. I am also a tea lover and I crave it so much that I sometimes drink it even in the middle of July. Nevertheless, it is not as pleasurable as drinking it when it’s cold outside.

Number 6: Clean slate

It is either September or January. One of these two months gets usually chosen as the moment to start brand new. For me it is January. The first day of the new year I re-organize my whole life even if I am pretty aware that I will probably stick with not even half of my resolutions. Nevertheless, the idea of getting the chance of a fresh new start makes me feel really good and relaxed.

Number 7: Christmas

Everything related to Christmas. I am a complete sucker for it. The atmosphere, the presents, decorating your tree and your home, the cheesy songs, the lights outside of the shops, everything about Christmas makes me feel incredibly happy and positive. Christmas time is such a blessing, and represents the only true reason I look forward to December (which would be otherwise depressing af).

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