So girls and boys and everybody. I know lot of you guys worry about what people think or say about you. Maybe you are afraid of wearing something, cause you're scared of what people might think or you are afraid of going out without makeup because people might think you're ugly.
Let me tell you honey, honestly nobody cares. Nobody cares that much what you're wearing or how you look like.
When you go out and you see person who is wearing something "weird", you might first think "What the hell was he wearing", but you stop thinking about that person in max 5 minutes. Like it's not so big of a deal. You just keep on moving with your day. It's the same other way around, if somebody doesn't like something you're wearing they'll think about it like few seconds and they'll forget it. People are so focused on themselves, they really don't have time to think about what you we're wearing.
Please people keep on wearing what you wanna wear and wear it with confidence. Keep doing what makes you happy. Don't let other peoples opinions affect you because really they don't matter. Remember it's your life and you're just doing what is making you happy.