Hi guys!
I want to tell you how my life changed in these last 2 days.
Obviously it's my crush's "fault"!
Well it's not really HIS fault but... IT KINDA IS.
Okay I will just expose it: it was Friday (now here in Italy it's Sunday) and for that evening I organized a surprise party for a friend of mine. I was very nervous because I was the one who should have had everything under control. It was raining really hard and it was very difficult to drive, also, everyone was late and only few people had already arrived at the place of the party.
I was trying my best to gain time before leaving for the location with the birthday guy because I wanted everyone to be there for the big surprise!
We were 30 minutes late and who had already arrived at the place was calling me to understand why we were late but I couldn't answer them with the celebrated next to me!
Well at the end we finally got there and everything gone really good.
At the party there was sit kind of next to me my crush, let's call him "A", who started to ask me about my plans for the university and stuff in general.
Suddenly he got super serious and told me "I have to tell you a thing".
My head started to think about everything and my heart stared beating faster and faster.
He told me that he would have left for a university that's 400 km away from where we live.
I swear I could hear my heart breaking and I hope he didn't noticed.
I am heartbroken. I will never see him again.
Well maybe not never but once a month if I am lucky...
I also am exited and proud of him because it's a really coveted school and it' not easy at all to pass the test.
I just can't accept that but also I would feel bad too if he renounced the opportunity.
I can't stop thinking about him and about it.
I am sorry if I had annoyed you but feel better now, so thank you if you read that!
Also sorry if my English is not correct,