when i was younger i had two dogs, but my brother is allergic to dogs, that means we had to take them away. a little later one died because she was old and sick. another one is in my grandad house like a guard. when i ask my parents if i can have another dog they sad no, because i am gonna leave this house when i will go on university and my dad does not really likes dogs.

<friend (the true one)>

i never had some true friend. of course i have friends with who i have fun and stuff like that. i was never on some sleepover or i never have some deep talks etc. it is really sad and i am scared that this is one of my unrealistic dreams. i am stilll dreaming that i can tell someone my dreams and goals, change clothes and doing make up. maybea it is funny but who cares?


<journal & diary>

i tried lots of times write something like diary but i was doing it longest 3 days no more. i want do the journal and i believe that now it is gonna worth.


i love traveling. i was just in amsterdam when i was little but now i want to go to NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, MILANO, PARIS, LONDON. and i am so excited and i believe that one day it will come true.

<be a model>

since i was little i wanted to be princes but how time went i realised that to be a princess i need to be born like her, but i still wanted to be the beautiful one and feel beautiful. i never just thought that i can be beautiful but now on september i am going on concours. i am so happy, we will see if i am beautiful.


i am 15 and i never had a boyfriend. it will not be so sad if i have that best friend but i do not. i want just someone who will care and love me. someone who will always tell me how beautiful am i and stuff like that.